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Education marketing​

Education marketing

Successful educational business with Concept Marketing and Communication Group team

What is marketing in Education?

Marketing in Education is a broad term used to describe the overall concept of using educational programs and resources to attract the desired audience to your brand.

One advantage that education in marketing provides is the fact that it helps company to attract the right audience, nurture them into buying customers, and retain them for a longer period as returning customers. Education marketing stimulates curiosity in the minds of the viewers. This curiosity pushes them to stay glued till the end and even come back for more.

Our target audience

If you belong to any of the following categories, this article is particularly for you.

  1. Educational institutions
  2. Agencies
  3. Service providers
  4. Business Schools
  5. Vocational training institutions
  6. Trades and investments companies



How do we Work in Education Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

We leverage social media to create challenges, promote documentaries, and build mutually beneficial forums for members with shared interests. Social media increases your chances of going viral faster than any other digital media. 


CMCG puts stringent measures in place to ensure the security of its clients and all end users. This way, users can rest assured that their personal information and other details they provide are safe and will never be compromised or sold to a third party. 



How do we Work in Education Marketing?

Cost Effective

CMCG offers you the very best solutions in the most cost-effective manner. Our years of experience in the education marketing industry make it possible for us to recommend and implement the best ways to achieve your own peculiar goals.

Organic Traffic

Asides from paid advertising, we optimize your educational content to thrive organically. Our content is designed to drive organic traffic to your websites and grow your mailing list. We go the extra mile to establish your brand as the go-to brand in your industry by giving valuable content and creating an engaging loyal community. 

Custom made materials

CMCG tailors all education marketing campaigns to the specific needs of the clients, Asides from creating a custom-made education marketing strategy for our clients, we also ensure that the end users enjoy a personalized feel as they interact with the learning resources. This personalization ensures that the end-users find content that is relevant to their interests.



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What types of marketing services do we provide?

App Development

CMCG will help you create websites, mobile applications, and other distant learning tools, to make learning easier and more interactive for your audience. 

Video Creation

CMCG will help you create really appealing how-to videos, Virtual reality videos, live streams, demo videos, animations, tutorial classes, documentary videos, etc. 

Content Writing

CMCG writes educational articles, journals, blog posts, and newsletters that can serve to educate your target audience and create top-of-mind awareness for the brand. Among other things, these copies will provide answers to the burning questions in the minds of your audience and introduce them to your products.



If you are looking to educate potential customers on specific topics or offers that can help speed up their buying decision and influence their choices, then CMCG is the best solution for you. 

When we look at the leading companies all across the world today, from different niches, it is very easy to see the significant role that Educational marketing plays in their success. Do not be left behind, reach out to us at CMCG today and our experts will be more than happy to help you become the very next success story. 

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