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The differences between the trademark and brand

Brand and brand. Is there a difference?

The purpose of this article - to find out the difference between the brand and the trademark (TM). Many people mistakenly believe that these two concepts - synonyms. But this is not the case. These two terms are linked, but the differences between them are.

Definitions of brand and brand

Brand - is the hallmark of the company or the manufacturer, which is legally registered. The distinctive mark can be a word (a word), image, or a combination of words and images. In other words, the company logo is registered.

The owner of the registered trademark certificate shall be issued, fixing the sole ownership of the right to use the trademark.

The trademark owner has the right to place its logo on the packaging, on the product itself, on branded accessories company.

In fact, the trademark defines "special" product image and is the foundation of the brand.

Brand - a trademark that is already associated with the buyer of certain goods. Brand - it is a visual image of the brand image. Sometimes referred to as personalized brand label.

In marketing, there is a perception that if more than 20% of consumers prefer a particular product to others, it's a brand.

Specific differences in terms of brand and brand

If you give an example of "fingers", the surname, name and patronymic of the person recorded in his passport - a trademark. And the name of a famous person (think the first thing that came to mind) - it is a brand.

Intended purpose of the brand and the brand is the allocation of a certain product among competitive species on the market. Only with one difference: the brand fixed in the mind of the consumer and the trade mark is unlikely to have any associative quality.

Another distinctive figure: a trademark owned by virtually every company that produces goods or services, but the brand owned units. Brand - a single concept.

And the most important difference from the brand image of the brand. The brand has always been associated to the buyer with the highest quality product or service, brand image quality is not characterized by the association.