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Группа компаний "Концепт" занимается комплексным рекламным обслуживанием компаний, продвижением брендов на рынке, разработкой рекламных оффлайн и онлайн кампаний.
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Supplier Day at "Heineken"

Amazing technologist told us the basics of beer production. All components can be inspected and even try. After all were invited to inspect the production itself, where we not only had the opportunity to experience the changes in temperature, but also photographed a big friendly company suppliers.

Especially pleasantly surprised security at the plant: every visitor had a personal coaching and reflective vest isolated. Production at the European level: all sterile clean, tidy, noisy and fast.

The most enjoyable part of the day waiting for us after visiting the plant. All guests of the event were taken to a lovely restaurant in Bobruisk. And here we were told about the art of drinking beer with different foods. The tables were dishes, and guests all brought glass after glass of different taste. For dessert was served with dark beer brownie. It was really cool. Heineken Thanks for the warm welcome and look forward to further fruitful cooperation thing!