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Media advertising vs. content: the forecast prospects for 2016

The well-known analyst firm eMarketer was prognozperspektiv development of the Internet advertising market for 2016.

The study is expected that the cost of media advertising in the US will surpass spending on contextual advertising and constitute respectively 32, 17 billion compared to $ 29, 24 billion.

Spending on native advertising and also increase the company's projected amount to 13.39 billion dollars, up 1.82 billion higher than in 2015.

Spending on video ads must also increase from 7.46 billion in 2015 to 9.59 billion in 2016. The share of video on the Internet - advertising will increase to approximately 14.3%. In 2015, the share of video in online advertising accounted for 12.8%.

It is expected that the rest of the expenditure on media advertising will have to format rich media ads and publications sponsored by brands.

In 2016, it expected to increase significantly in the rich media and video costs. The costs amount to about 36, 4% for rich media ads and 28.5% on video - advertising.

At the same time more often (57.5%), video ads will appear to users dekstopov. And 77.5% of the costs on rich media, other formats and sponsored ads is projected to have advertising on mobile devices.

It is planned to further decrease the cost of search advertising to dekstopov. According to the forecasts in 2016, these costs amount to 10.70 billion dollars, while last year's spending on search advertising on dekstopov were about 12, 91 billion dollars. But the cost of mobile search on the contrary will increase and reached a record high of 18.54 billion dollars in 2016. By the way in 2015, the figure was 13.62 billion.