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Группа компаний "Концепт" занимается комплексным рекламным обслуживанием компаний, продвижением брендов на рынке, разработкой рекламных оффлайн и онлайн кампаний.
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We launched our new website!

Our first site served us a true five years, the second - only two, and this is already our third site is presented to our customers. As you can see, the Internet itself, and online advertising is moving forward at a pace that the sites will soon need to be updated every year :).

We have considered all the cones, which are stuffed with the launch of the last of their own Internet project and made some strategic decisions. For security purposes, as well as the convenience of the promotion we chose a paid site 1C Bitrix content management system. Of course, this is due to not only a huge plus Bitrix, but also the fact that we are a partner of 1C-Bitrix, develop and promote web sites mainly in this control system.

The new site of our group of advertising companies has been designed with an adaptive layout and a separate mobile version. Again, follow the requirements of the search engines, we try to be a trend and show an example of its customers, who sometimes complain that the development of a new website or a mobile version too expensive.

And the most important strategic decision made in the development of the new site - it is the main focus on the portfolio. After reviewing statistics of the previous two sites, we came to the conclusion that the portfolio - is the most visited page of our site and, therefore, it is necessary to make a central, comfortable and bright.

We hope that you will appreciate our new website. If you have a desire to tell us about your opinion will be very happy to hear all your comments!
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