Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim

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Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim
Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim
Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim
Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim
Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim
Comprehensive rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim


As part of a large-scale project of rebranding and repositioning of OJSC Barkhim in the Belarusian market of washing and cleaning detergents, a complex work was carried out in the following areas:

1.analysis of the range of products, research of the target audience, existing and potential markets for household chemicals and competitors;

2. systematization of the assortment portfolio, consolidation of promising brands of products, their formation into brands in areas;

3. development of a platform for a separate brand and brand ideas for each direction;

4. development of a promotion strategy for a separate brand, including a communication strategy, PR strategy and digital brand strategy;

5. development of naming for a separate brand of each direction;

6. development of a design concept for a separate brand packaging, adaptation of the type of packaging;

7. development of the concept of an advertising campaign for a separate brand.

We have researched retail outlets of all formats offering laundry and cleaning products from hypermarkets of large retailers and specialized online stores to convenience stores. We have analyzed the positioning of the main players in this market. We mapped the competitive environment by key factors and identified promising areas for positioning new products.

Also, a comprehensive consumer research was carried out using methods such as: CJM, U&A, and focus groups. This allowed us to study in detail the habits and preferences of the consumer in relation to the studied product category, to study all points of contact with the brand, and also to make a detailed analysis of the needs and behavior of the audience.

Rebranding of the brand of products for house cleaning and personal care

A series of house cleaning products Magic of Cleanliness is already well known to the consumer and did not require a new naming. This TM required optimization of the product line within the brand, as well as a complete rebranding of the packaging.

In total, we have reduced the product line to 11 products: dishwashing detergents, products for plumbing, for pipes, liquid soap, glass detergent - that is, the most versatile and necessary in any household. More modern and original forms of white matte packaging were proposed for all products. The color scheme of the label, based on analytical data, was built on bright fuchsia and indigo. To enhance associations with the aroma of the product, the image of a juicy fruit is used in the liquid soap line. The main marketing triggers with information about the effectiveness of the product were located on the plates of contrasting yellow. Some of the information is shown in intuitive icons.

Also, during the rebranding project, a new TM tonality was defined, effective channels and tools for brand communication with target audience, key points of future brand advertising communications, and a detailed digital strategy for its promotion were developed.

Creation of a new brand of washing detergents for the economy segment

We divided all washing powders of OJSC Barkhim into 3 price segments: premium, medium and economy. In order to optimize the assortment in each segment, superfluous products, whose composition and properties had duplicates and could be replaced, were abandoned.

In particular, the line of the economy segment was reduced to 5 products:

1. universal washing detergent,

2. for hand wash,

3. for white,

4. liquid laundry detergent

5. air conditioner.

The USP and the optimal shape and volume of packaging for each of the products in the line were determined.

The TM was named "Diva". This is the definition of a woman who is always brilliant and is in the spotlight, also divo in Old Church Slavonic and dziva in Belarusian, mean miracle, and it corresponds fully to the archetype of the new brand, which we defined as a sage-brand. In order to avoid negative perception of the domestic brand, the name has a Latin script.

Based on the research results, we recommended to base the color scheme of the packaging on orange, close to coral, and contrasting turquoise. Complex backgrounds with translucent ornaments were used. Light decorative ornaments were added, reminiscent of the shape of delicate expensive lace. The USP of the product is placed on the front of the package and is presented both in the form of original icons and a laconic text description. White fonts in the title and descriptions add brightness to the packaging and make it stand out well on the shelf.

Development of a new brand of premium products for laundry and household

For the naming of the new brand, we chose the name ecoVerde. Verde in Italian means green, the prefix eco in this case has become more of a forced measure to simplify the registration procedure for TM. The name is easily read in Latin even without minimal knowledge of foreign languages ​​and is successfully built up in sound against the background of the German brands that have occupied this niche.

The logo design is dominated by eco-friendly shades of green (jade, dark turquoise, green moss), a modern geometric grotesque font, without distracting serifs with approximately the same ratio of the width and height of symbols and a simple white background, along the contour of which the leaves of exotic evergreen plants are located, which is a direct reference to nature and harmony.

Packaging forms and materials are also fully consistent with the environmental character of the new brand and its premium status. The packaging for the dry product is made of biodegradable craft cardboard, the original color and texture of which emphasizes the naturalness of the product inside. The package is equipped with a convenient cardboard handle on top. A cardboard measuring spoon is placed inside each pack for convenient dispensing of the product. Key information about the product is placed on the front of the packaging in the form of separate intuitive icons. Information about the type of detergent is written in the central element of the package - a circle that is visually associated with the drum of the washing machine.

The liquid detergent label also inherits the craft texture and the now familiar logo. Convenient white matte bottle with a handle leaves no doubt about the premium quality of this product.

The positioning of the line of premium products for washing and cleaning, we capaciously fit in 2 words: environmental friendliness + safety. This is the combination that is aimed at the insights of the target audience of the premium segment of household chemicals. We aimed to create a holistic communication where the product, its packaging, graphic language and brand tone would affect the consumer equally.