Promo-site for «VAN GOLD» cheese line

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Promo-site for «VAN GOLD» cheese line


Develop a promotional website for JSC "Pruzhany Dairy Plant"
Promo-site for «VAN GOLD» cheese line
Promo-site for «VAN GOLD» cheese line


Promo-site - the original site-card of JSC "Pruzhany Dairy Plant", created on the basis of Drupal platform. In connection with the beginning of the production of hard cheeses of the "VAN GOLD" line, the enterprise needed presentation and promotion of new products. Group of companies "Concept" delicately and creatively realized the task assigned to it. The site turned out appetizing and "tasty", the user necessarily wants to try all kinds of cheese. Next to the description of each variety, you can read with what products it is best served. In addition, the original design solution with the help of mouse movement allows you to "remove" the package from the cheese head and see how the product will look without it.