Packaging design of frozen semi-finished products

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Packaging design of frozen semi-finished products


Develop packaging design for frozen semi-finished products ready for use - meat dumplings, nuggets, dumplings, pasties
Packaging design of frozen semi-finished products
Packaging design of frozen semi-finished products
Packaging design of frozen semi-finished products


The given task to develop food packaging in medium-price and high-price segments equired a detailed study of the competitive environment.

For the analysis of the competitive environment, we reviewed all brands in this category of products with given geotargeting. The results with conclusions and recommendations were provided to the client.

It was decided to use visual detuning from the main competitive environment. To determine the most recognizable visual concept, a series of A-B tests were conducted on small focus groups, which defined the overall style of the new packaging design concept.

The new style is photorealistic illustrations. To create the composition, there were used the photos, which were then traced to the smallest detail. Despite this, all illustrations retained their individuality and recognizability.

Final testing of the concept showed that we are on the right way. The results showed a very high level of design compliance with the planned perception of focus groups.

The new packaging has become bright, comfortable, perfectly contrasting against the background of competitors. Most of the secondary information was placed on the back of the package. An emphasis was placed on the front of the package to visualize the product.

Within the project there have been created 4 category packages and more than 10 species.