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Advertising and PR company for a luxury brand of a Spanish bed manufacturer


A luxury Bed manufacturer brand that  currently operates retail stores around the world in more than 20 countries.


  • Build brand awareness after the account had been inactive for some time.
  • Drive more people to their key location stores.


Since their best-performing content was UGC, our creative team produced more of it, as well as partnered with content creators.

We also saw that Reels performed very well for them, so we decided to make our creatives very video-heavy.

Because the manufacturer has stores in key locations, we made sure we were location-tagging every post, as well as using localized hashtags.


  • Increased engagements by 97%.
  • Reached 94% more users than the previous year.
  • Increased the account’s engagement to 5.76% purely for organic content.
  • Achieved 72k views on organic Reels.

Our team has fully coped with the task.

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