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Umbrella brands popularity increase. The main goal is increasing interest in product line and identifying barriers to developing brand identity.


One of the important points was to create a marketing strategy by CMCG agency, which would present product line in a new way:  from product identity to the design of advertising stands.

Important components, we used:

  • – research of the target audience for the visual part of advertising;
  • – search for product benefits and risks after identity change;
  • – A / B testing on the example of focus groups;
  • – creation of a new USP and change of promotion platforms.


CMCG agency managed to conduct in-depth research and form several portraits of potential consumers. According to research results and analysis, our team has created a new strategy to promote product line.


During the work we solved the following problems:
1. Advertising, which was before, didn’t meet the interests and needs of potential consumers. So we adapted the new customer information to the new design.
2. Changed the visual of digital advertising and printed materials: from posters to the design of trade stands.
3. The study identified several focus groups to focus on. A / B testing has helped us improve product identity across platforms.
4. We changed the communication component of the company: through the language of the brand, we increased the loyalty and trust of the audience .


According to our research the main target audience is women and men aged 20 to 45, so communication with the consumer should be positive and cheerful. The potential buyer leads an active lifestyle, has children, so the organic composition of the product is important to him.


So we changed product strategy of presence in retail stores. Also we developed new key visuals in all advertising materials (including: wobblers, stoppers, stop-ends branding, price tags, highlighters, leaflets, banners, neck-hangers and posters). Our team has changed the image of the product on the market.


The new visual conveys the values ​​of the brand and its USP. It conveyed the importance of consuming fresh fruit, so the brand’s style consists of bright colors, cereals, berries and fruits. We conveyed all this in images.


While developing a digital strategy, all visuals and images were adapted for online promotion


It is important that our specialists implemented the customer’s idea without reputational and financial risks. It should be added that this skill sets the CMCG team apart from other competitors in the market.

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