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Detroit real estate company


One reputable real estate agency turned to CMCG to develop a brand strategy. The company has an established reputation as a reliable partner that puts the interests of customers above all else. This information need to be reflected in key visual of strategy.


In order to complete the work in accordance with the client’s task, we have defined a work plan:


  1. Real estate market research, audience segmentation, detailed description of each segment.
  2. Competitive analysis with a description of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  3. Brand positioning and brand strategy development.
  4. Development of visual images.


The team began work on the brand strategy by researching Detroit real estate market, learning information about competitive environment, and target audience. We were able to compile a detailed description of our target audience. We needed to find out who are the main buyers of real estate. CMCG marketing team divided the audience into buyers of commercial and residential real estate, and also compiled a portrait of a certain representative of each segment.

We also conducted a competitive analysis. Identified the strengths and weaknesses of competitors to determine the positioning of the company’s brand.


After analyzing the information, our marketers were able to determine the values ​​that will help the agency form the right image in the eyes of the audience. Based on such values, a brand strategy was developed that fully meets the requirements of the customer.
Dark blue, red and white were chosen as the main colors for the visual style. This combination symbolizes a serious business style and reliability for potential customers.
In this color scheme were developed:


  • • Company promotional materials;
  • • Printed products and documentation in corporate style;
  • • Registration of the company’s office;
  • • Outdoor advertising design.


The project was completed in the shortest possible time.

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