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IOM design


The International Organization for Migration, established in 1951, is the leading intergovernmental agency in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.


Representatives of the organization turned to CMCG team to develop a visual component of a social advertising campaign in order to draw attention to the problem of migration.


To carry out effective work, our team needed:
1. To make a research of activities of the IOM. Its mission, principles of work, as well as dive into the problem of international migration.
2. To determine the target audience for which the message will be sent.
3. To determine the main messages (based on the information) of advertising and the emotional component that needs to be conveyed through the visual.
4. To choose the most effective channels of communication with the audience for maximum impact.


Our team plunged into the research of IOM activities and the problems of migration in the world. A large number of materials have been studied. This helped shape the main message.

There was also a target audience. An organization that is not indifferent to the problem of migrants and an audience that needs the help of an organization. This helped form the right emotions for the advertising campaign.


After the preparatory stages, the team of marketers and designers created the main visual messages for the advertising campaign. The main message of the campaign was that migrants should be given a chance for a normal life and they need help to socialize in a new society. Migrants are the same members of society as other people with their own emotions and desire to live a normal life.
Social advertising campaign took place in:


  • • Offline format (Billboards, light posters, video screens)
  • • Online format (targeted advertising in social networks).

The campaign turned out to be very emotional. The main slogan of the campaign was: Start living now and not later.

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