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Visual identity for chain store BrandStore.


The company operates and develops in the field of Social Media promotion. The CMCG team has been working with them for the first time. Professional marketer, clear terms of reference, prompt communication.


  • to provide a comprehensive visual identity
  • to create an emotional impression 
  • to inform about the nature of the brand and services/products offered
  • to unify different aspects of a business through consistent visuals


    Based on the strategy and wishes of the client, we developed key visuals. A special visual style — simple, understandable for any person. The whole tone of communication and creative visuals was aimed at creating an endless source of positive emotions. 

    Our team created:

    Visuals for online and offline product promotion, universal visuals that can be used in any communication channel


    Company logo

    Corporate colors 

    Corporate fonts


    All work was completed in the shortest possible time. Client remained satisfied with the result. 

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      BrandStore UK