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Portfolio Categories: Marketing.

B2B_summit promotion
November 24, 2022
Complex digital promotion of the international summit

Client The European Woodworking Association is to carry out a series of summits in 2022 in the USA and Poland. Goal Our team was to develop: marketing funnel and lead generation  digital promotion strategy visual concept of the event and

eco-verde brand promotion
November 22, 2022
Development of a new line of ecological detergents in the middle price segment

Client A manufacturer of ecological detergents that needed complex branding of a new product line. Goal To create a complex new brand, its strategy and positioning in order to bring a premium product to the market. Solution The CMCG team

top-secret brand
November 22, 2022
Brand development with positioning. Packaging design

Client A luxury hosiery manufacturer brand that currently operates retail stores in more than 10 countries. Goal Hosiery products are in high demand everywhere, consequently there is constant competition for market share. That is why it was decided to create

November 22, 2022
Complex digital promotion of the medical center

Client Medical center Goal To strengthen its brand presence through search engine optimization campaigns and SMM promotion. Solution SEO Strategy - we planned on-page and off-page SEO campaigns to improve traffic, backlink strength and also help the brand rank in

hyundai ads
November 22, 2022
Complex Digital Campaign for the automotive brand with local Geo positioning

Client Automotive Brand Goal To improve traffic, keyword positions, and marketing capabilities through Search and Digital Marketing. Solution Keywords Rankings - The brand needed to have the positions of its high performing keywords intact. We helped to achieve it through

hasyens brand
November 22, 2022
Advertising and PR company for a luxury brand of a Spanish bed manufacturer

Client A luxury Bed manufacturer brand that  currently operates retail stores around the world in more than 20 countries. Goal Build brand awareness after the account had been inactive for some time. Drive more people to their key location stores.

Brand Store
November 22, 2022
Visual identity for chain store BrandStore.

Client The retail store company. The CMCG team has been working with them for the first time. Professional marketer, clear terms of reference, prompt communication. Goal to provide a comprehensive visual identityto create an emotional impression to inform about the nature

Taglit SMM
November 17, 2022
Social multichannel digital campaign for European region

Client It’s an International educational project “Taglit”, a ten-day tour to Israel for people with Jewish roots. The peculiarity of the tour is that this is a gift "by birthright" for all participants. The project participants get acquainted with places

marketing in engineering
November 17, 2022
Rebranding and repositioning of an engineering company

Client The engineering company that makes the design and exterior Goal Sooner or later, every company needs to change the old logo design and corporate identity, or even create a new brand from scratch. The old design is morally obsolete,

world bank promotion
September 22, 2022
Promotion of one of the products of the World Bank for the European market

Client International accreditation system of World Bank Group that carries out accreditation of testing laboratories and certification bodies for assessing compliance with ISO standards Goal The CMCG team faced a difficult task - to prepare a series of short videos