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May 7, 2023
Choosing a marketing agency

So you came to the point when you need to find a reliable partner to promote your business. How to avoid mistakes when choosing a contractor? Let's look at 10 key points to pay attention to while choosing a marketing

April 13, 2023
8 triggers that make us buy

Deal of today is “Buy two cocktails, get one free!” Will you go for it? Intrigued from the start of the article? That’s how we decided to present to you a new topic about the Octalysis system, developed by American

January 10, 2023
Creativity in marketing 2023

Why should you use creativity in marketing? The content of any 'advertising' space must grab the attention and involve the consumer otherwise it’s a vain attempt! David Ogilvy once said "What really decides consumers to buy is the content of

marketing strategy for startups
November 22, 2022
Marketing For Startups

One thing every startup needs today is a community around their brand. Having a huge audience who have come to know your brand, and follow you in one form or another. It could be in the form of sign-ups, email

May 19, 2022
Marketing in business strategy

Marketing is one of the most important branches of the company's overall strategy, one of the important elements that is aimed to create and bring the goods and services that meet only consumers needs. "Marketing" has many definitions, but they