Business cards


Development and production of business cards. Original small

Card - it's printed product, which is a rectangular piece of cardboard with a printed name, surname and contact the owner of the data.

What does the card?

What types of cards?

The history of business cards.

Rules of awarding business cards or business card etiquette.

Original, creative and exclusive products business cards.

What does the card?

  • Identification
  • An essential accessory business communication
  • The first reminder of your client, partner or friend
  • Part of the corporate advertising campaign in the framework of exhibitions, presentations, seminars 

What types of cards?

  • Personal business card - is intended to represent an individual, usually it contains the name, as well as the pin, phone
  • Business card - designed for use in business negotiations, exhibitions and seminars, contains not only the Contact information and position of the owner, but also the company's logo, its pin, address and telephone number
  • Corporate card - representation organization's logo, a brief description of the goods or services, and corporate contact information 

Story cards

If you think you have a business card - is an invention of the 20th century advertisement, then let me tell you a bit about the history of business cards. Card - it's one of the oldest inventions, and it appeared in the 15th century in China. And in Europe business cards for the first time appeared only in the 17th century in France, where were in other European countries and in America. In Russia, they came in the reign of Catherine II, and contain only a name and a title.

Of course, advertising means they are not served at the time. They carried out a direct role of business cards. Then in high society gentleman, coming to visit, the waiter handed a business card, on which the owner decided to accept his guest or refuse admission. Moreover the shape of a small transmission can be judged on the purpose of the visit or intentions guest.

Rules and etiquette of a small presentation of a business card

In today's world, business card - is an integral part of business etiquette, the carrier is not only representative, but also the advertising load. Exchange business cards also need to be carried out according to etiquette.
In our country the first to give a business card a person who either lower positions, or younger age. In foreign countries, the first presenting a business card master. Business card is supplied with your right hand, face up. Having a business card, you should put it in front of him. It is considered impolite to turn a business card or make a recording on it.
If you run a small business meeting or an exhibition in Russia or Western Europe, you will likely be forgiven, but in Japan are unlikely, as there is no cut-aways considered disrespectful and in bad taste. So do not forget to order in front of a small business meeting, exhibition or perezentatsiey!

Original, creative and exclusive products business cards

Going to a business meeting you wear carefully ironed shirt and choose a suitable tie, and if you give the same attention to your business cards? Think about it, because regularly-card will not be lost from your partner and immediately come to their aid when they will be looking for your Home Contacts.

For an extra individualnosti business card, you can select a stamping, embossing, die-cutting, rounding, designer paper. Our experts will help you select a printing method that is suitable for you require circulation and quality business cards, as well as offer you an exclusive design, taking into account the elements and colors of your corporate identity. Make your creative business card now!