Business souvenirs


Business Gifts

 All people love gifts. Free services - it is generally the weakness of the Russian soul. Give gifts, make other people happy and you will be remembered. It’s an excellent axiom to advertise a product.

The company, which at least once tried to win the trust and attract attention to their products for sure gave presents to its customers and partners. By itself, any gift will be good. But a gift with your logo will be not only pleasant for the recipient, but also it’s good publicity for the giver.


Business gifts - a promotional gift

 Business souvenirs – it’s a bit specific gift. Of course, such items are not suitable for the first comer. Business souvenirs well pay for themselves if give them to associates, partners, contractors and customers. For those who you lead business with.

 Business souvenirs will be as suitable as a business card at company's presentation, exhibition or conference. A nice souvenir gift will be a bonus when buying or ordering. In addition, for any occasion souvenir can become part of the official and business greetings.

 What are the business souvenirs

 For a business souvenir producing it is important to use corporate colors, logo and company slogan. In addition, it is important that souvenirs comply and emphasized the company's policy.

The rest of the business souvenirs can be absolutely any product:

  • Appointment with company logo

  • pens with the logo or brand colors

  • branded cups

  • calendars or wall calendars houses

  • cards in the corporate style

  • T-shirts, bags, caps with the logo or corporate style

 Design of business gifts can not be limited to the use of traditional materials and forms. If you want to create a truly original souvenir, you should go directly to the design studio Concept.

Concept will develop unusual souvenirs with the original design, as well we can print and assembly business souvenirs.