Making corporate calendars

Why calendar today - one of the most popular forms of advertising printing?
  • It assumes a lasting effect on consumer
  • It is a direct practical benefit
  • It is a low view of corporate gifts 

What are the calendars:

  • Pocket calendars
  • Calendars-houses
  • Flip calendars desktop
  • Quarterly calendars
  • Flip wall calendars
  • Wall calendars, posters

Pocket calendars

Cute accessory in any man's wallet or purse, inexpensive corporate souvenir. These calendars are often bought for promotions or instead of corporate business cards for exhibitions, presentations or workshops.

Standard pocket calendar format - 70h100mm or 60h90mm. Face of the calendar usually contains graphic images (photos, pictures), logo and other corporate identity elements, and on the reverse side of the calendar grid and place a minimum text information (eg, corporate contacts).


The most convenient type of calendar required on every desktop and occupy the minimum of space. It usually consists of three parties: the base and the two sides with a calendar grid of each half. A striking example -nastolny calendar for the delivery service.

We offer you not only the standard types of calendars-small houses, but custom sizes and designs, stands out among the other calendars obtained your clients. The necessary component of corporate identity, the best business card. Without them, just do not do exhibitions, presentations and they are a constant reminder of the company.

Desktop calendar - it's a business tool and inexpensive, functional souvenir at the same time. It looks great on the table, quite compact and at the same time is very convenient. Folded follows the shape of the house. This calendar is always before the eyes of man, thus there is an unconscious remembering the advertising information stored on it.

Flip calendars desktop

Performs functions similar to the calendars-small houses, they are also on the table, but have more sheets, and therefore offer more advertising space. They are usually mounted on a vertical or horizontal and the spring are compacted substrate. Changeover unit may consist of 7 or 13 sheets.

Kvartalnye calendars

This is perfect calendars for people working with financial documents and reports used for internal corporate use as well as for promotional purposes as presentable for gifts. In the world there is not a single company, a single enterprise, institution, where there was no place quarterly calendar. No exception and calendar, designed for Gomel meat-packing plant.

These calendars usually consist of three blocks with the cursor and displays three months: the last, current and next. calendar substrate is usually compacted and even top Doponitelnye laminated to maintain its presentable appearance throughout the year. Each is equipped with a calendar grid must move on the field, the day cursor. The mesh can in turn be represented in a standard form, as a print order.

They are very convenient to use, and they provide an opportunity to accommodate more advertising information, rather than on other types of calendars. The main reason for their popularity is that it is always relevant to us 3 months before his eyes: the current, previous, next

Flip wall calendars

Solid Company Index. Flip wall calendars are usually mounted on a vertical or horizontal spring and have a compacted base. Usually, our studio uses the A2 format wall calendar, but on your request we can manufacture not standard calendar format. Standard rotary unit may consist of 7 or 13 sheets. For example, the desk calendar for the glassworks.

Wall calendars (posters)

They represent an enormous advertising platform of long-acting, and perform a decorative function. This calendar consists of 1 page A3, A2 or A1 with the calendar year or part of a year.

Such calendars should include high-quality graphics and photos in order to serve as a permanent decoration wall cabinet office, and home living. For high quality of your wall calendar invite you to order your product advertising photography, office, staff or facilities. Here is an example of the original wall calendar.

To the calendar stood out from many other donated your client, it needs to be clear, the original, non-intrusive and memorable. We offer you the production of all types of standard calendars, as well as original and exclusive color designs. Want to order your calendar now? We welcome your calls and emails.