Packaging design


Packaging design and label production

We note that in this flow of information, things and people there is almost no time for reflection and decision-making. Only a second determines everything: what to wear, buy, choose, order, where to go, what to watch and with whom to spend time. The first impression is crucial.

The first impression is very important when buying. The main thing is that a suit fit! And it is not so important how much it will cost, because you liked it at the first sight. And now, open wallets and rings coin.

Packaging Design - the basis of first impressions

A good first impression of the product can be produced by high-quality packaging. There are several ways to select you product among the competition: bright and attractive label or the austere and minimalist design, an absolutely unusual form or non-standard approach to the design.

Packaging design directly and indirectly affects many aspects of marketing:

·         packaging attracts attention and helps to make a first impression

·         label design complements the image of the product helps to determine its class

·         practical, functional packaging increases the loyalty of new customers

·         original and fresh design makes the product to stand out from the competitions

Packaging design –is a part of the corporate identity. For some companies, the packaging can be a nice bonus to customers. But for some of the goods package design and the supply of goods is incredibly important.

We design packaging and labels for products of these category:

·         food and beverages

·         household products

·         cosmetics

·         medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements

·         office supplies

·          products for children

·         souvenir and gift products

Packaging – is an important tool for effective sales of goods of the company's marketing plans. Practicality, functionality and attractive design of the package will help to boost sales with new customers, first tried the goods. The technical approach to packaging design will reveal the essence of the goods, show useful properties or describe the function of the product.

Advertising agency Concept will help you to beat the competition even on the tough market.

We offer:

·         analysis of the market and competitors

·         analysis of the needs of the consumer

·         original packaging ideas

·         modern design of the European level

·         adaptation of the design to a variety of forms and types of packaging