Visual special effect


The visual "special effects" in the printing industry

In the process of creating printed products often happens is the lack of such parameters as the original design, brilliance and brightness for the product desired advertising effect on the customer. In these cases in printers arsenal stashed a lot of new materials and technologies to create unusual visual effects on virtually any type of promotional printing products. Consider some of these ways to create special effects. 

Stereo and varioeffekty

In that produce the printed products individually varifocal lens or stereo, and a combination thereof as a material lenticular sheets used by printers to achieve these effects. Three-dimensional image allows you to "revive" the calendar items or cards. The essence of this process is the use of special software for processing images generated. Lentikulyary- is sheets of transparent plastic, the front side of which is composed of parallel lenses or so-called lentikulyarov, and the reverse side (smooth) is designed for printing. The printing process is performed directly on these sheets, after drying of the paint layer applied UV-sensitive white, performing the function of an equalizer. 

Noble shine

The achievement of this effect contributes to the addition of varnishes and paints shimmering pearlescent pigments, which, in contrast to the glitter (printed products impart a bright and eye-catching effects), creating a noble gloss. This method of selection of printed products are usually used to create a luxury effect, the speaker of the premium-class of the printed products. 

Glowing metallic shades

This technology fills the print ads of extraordinary beauty metallic color shades. This is done using 5 colors, namely CMYK + Silver. Method of application of pigments of data is reduced to the formula "raw for raw," as the basis of elected silver paint. All these manipulations to create a metallized shade made after the stage prepress specialized software. Thus, the printers create simulated 3D-effect or a hologram, which gives printed products unusual appearance. 

Other effects

Security inks visible only in ultraviolet light, may also be involved in the process of creating printed products that allows some games to spy, after all, to see the hidden (possibly funny) information, such as letterhead or envelope client pleasantly surprised. It is also possible to use thermochromic dyes, which tend to change the intensity of the color under the influence of temperature, so as to supply the Secretary mug of hot tea on a folder, and it will turn red than nameknёt that the case time and fun time. Modern printing capabilities allow you to combine different effects, which provides an opportunity to "cast" as your heart's content.
Thus printing "special effects" in the capable hands of advertising professionals will help bring to life your wildest fantasies printing.