Do you know the difference between advertising on the Internet from all other forms of advertising? Advertising on the Internet is 100% honest.

 If you do not believe you just never ordered on online advertising in the design studio Concept.


What is Internet advertising?

 Internet advertising - is advertising by using banners, contextual ads and exchanging links.

 There are several ways to advertise in online internet. First of all, you can get the help of neighboring resources of partner companies and thematic media. Second, you can take advantage of advertising on search sites.

 The benefits of online advertising

 The most important advantage of online advertising is the ability to track results. By placing an ad on a billboard in the city, on the bus or at the bus stop the company never really know how many people have come from a particular ad. On the Internet, this does not happen, because all transitions easily track advertising.

By placing a banner ad on the website of any media you will know the number of views and clicks on advertisements. Using the contextual ads in any of the search engines, you will find not only the number of clicks on advertising, but the number of orders, the amount of returned users, and even compare the cost of advertising and the amount of profit.

 Another important advantage of online advertising is it’s high quality and profitable for site owners consequences.

 Thanks to internet advertising on the website or product that is advertised, know more and more people, and the position of the site on the key demands increase. Thus, running advertisements any single product company creates a kind of safety cushion for this product at the moment when his stopped advertising.

 How to start advertising on the Internet?

 To start advertising on the network, you need do no more than to run any other advertising.

 Prepare a USP - unique selling proposition. As any other advertising Internet advertising requires good ideas and a clear offer to the consumer.

Find an advertising site. Considering the objectives of the company and its target audience is necessary to choose a platform for the launch of an advertising campaign. A nice bonus of advertising on the Internet is a flexible pricing policy. By selecting a suitable site can run a campaign with minimal cost, but to get the maximum profit.

Prepare a banner or ad. Depending on the purpose and type of advertising is an advertising site can be very different. The main thing is that your message has been clear and attractive.

Start advertising and gather statistics. There is already the case for small!

 The launch of online advertising process is quite simple but very exciting. However, the first launch of advertising online can seem rather difficult. If you doubt your abilities or if you don’t have enough time, we are always ready to help.

 The design studio Concept will help you to start an advertisement or to prepare a banner, we can also find a platform for advertising, collect statistics and give advice how to launch a new advertising campaign.