Outdoor advertising


Outdoor advertising in the city: banners, banners, signs, boxes, signs, bus advertising

 Today it is difficult to imagine the cityscape without bright banners, billboards, information signs, labels, and other outdoor advertising media. Today, you virtually will not find outlets without elaborately decorated shop windows and exhibitions - no information stands.

 Mobile advertising on transport creates urban flavor. And facades, walls and even roofs bear advertising on imposing roof structures with beautiful and bright signs in a variety of shapes and design 3D letters. At night, the advertising attracts the attention of multi-color light boxes. Even canopies over entrances of houses function as advertising media.

Outdoor advertising in Gomel city

Today one can hardly find critics who will act not in favor of outdoor advertising. Because outdoor advertising - it is an effective opportunity to promote your business, attract new customers, expand the circle of business contacts and make your brand recognizable.

 Creative, bright and capacious design of advertising through outdoor media - is an added bonus in the image and corporate identity.

Creative design studio Concept is ready to help you to develop a design for your advertising on

  • banners and stretchers posted on the city street

  • billboards

  • public transport

  • light boxes, placed on poles along the road

  • showcases of your shop, boutique, cafe, bar or restaurant

  • index or pillar


We can also develop such vivid details of corporate identity as:

  • Signs on the facade of your office or commercial facility

  • canopies over the porch, protecting and decorating the entrance

  • tablets with work schedules and other important information

  •  exhibition stands for shares and advertising campaigns

Design of outdoor advertising of any kind

 Our company has extensive professional experience in the development of design models of future outdoor advertising, as well as experience in the production of advertising media in any format and functionality.

 We work on professional equipment and use high-quality materials, which allow the produced outdoor advertising holders remain bright and do not lose their demonstration properties for a long time.

Order outdoor advertising in Gomel

 We guarantee the strength and stability of large-scale installation of advertising structures, such as billboards and roof installations.

 In addition, we assist in the coordination and execution of the necessary procedural documents to the city authorities.

 We will ensure your advertising:

  • efficiency. Even the most intricate and bold design will be ready as soon as possible;

  •  enormity. We work in Gomel and Minsk. We have business connections in Moscow;

  • creative approach to their work. We have developed a unique design concept of your advertising and creatively put it into the urban reality;

  • guarantee high quality of our work and our reputation.