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Real estate marketing​

Real estate marketing

More than 88% of buyers purchased their houses and rented offices through real estate agencies or brokers. Want to get this audience? Contact Concept Marketing and Communication Group.

Make transactions, not only leads

Our expert team will  help you to generate lead and transform them into successfully completed transactions.


The real estate market is diverse. There is private property and commercial. Clients sell houses and rent out. Therefore, CMCG marketing experts conduct marketing research before taking a project. While studying the market, we rely only on specific data. That allows us to create an effective promotion strategy.


After the research, we draw up a portrait of the audience, analyze  strengths and weaknesses of competitors, set promotion goals, etc. All these actions help us to create a clear vision for business promotion and create a really working strategy.


While creating and implementing any strategy, we aim not only to attract leads, but to close all client real estate transactions. This allows us to have such an impressive portfolio of successful projects.

Real estate ads

Real estate marketing is:

Main goal of Real Estate Marketing is to promote your unique value proposition to your target audience. Marketing experts should build a very strong brand in order to attract clients and close every real estate transaction, you have. To be successful in real estate you should create marketing strategy, that’ll help you to generate leads.


Our audience is:

Choose CMCG for real estate project

Reason 1: We will distinguish your brand

If you want your brand to be different from others, you will need our knowledge and experience gained from working with other successful projects. With our team, your brand will become unique and take the highest place in the market.

Reason 2: We have unbiased perspectives about your project

Every business owner loves their job. This has both positive and negative sides. The negative side is that your opinion about running and promoting a business can be distorted and biased. You look at your business like an owner. Our team will help you to look at your business from a different perspective and to find out all weaknesses of your strategy. We will use all our experience to elevate your brand experience.

Reason 3: We are interested in the long-term success of our clients

Not only our clients are interested in the success of their projects. Our team is interested in this too. Every time we start a project, we conduct market research. This helps to develop the right strategy and ensures success.

Reason 4: We will create a personal team for your project

Each project requires a different approach. For each project, we form a personal team. This method increases the involvement of each team member and significantly increases the chance of success.

Reason 5: We provide future-proof technologies

Our company is constantly studying the latest trends and marketing technologies. By processing large amounts of data, we find the most effective ways and methods of promotion. We use these technologies to ensure the success of your business.

We'll help to sell the Lifestyle, not just houses

Our experts will help you to understand your audience properly. Most of all agencies make focus on selling techniques. The problem is that they don’t know their customers. We’ll create a strategy based on the underlying values and desires of clients. Privacy, safety, a happy family, a carefree life – these are the values that every person needs. They should be in every message. We’ll use all our experience to make your advertising campaigns to convert like crazy.

Saving the budget for marketing expenses

We draw up the budget for all marketing services together with the client. All our calculations are based only on working methods and promotion channels. Each marketing strategy and budget is developed individually. We won’t waste a single marketing dollar without a conversion.

Tracking the progress

We use the most transparent KPIs to evaluate the project. All indicators reflect the specific result and quality of work. Each client can see the effectiveness of cooperation with CMCG.

Our team works with projects of any complexity. We provide following services: 

Real estate marketing for brockers