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Группа компаний "Концепт" занимается комплексным рекламным обслуживанием компаний, продвижением брендов на рынке, разработкой рекламных оффлайн и онлайн кампаний.
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Report about the advertising festival "White Square"

Report about the advertising festival "White Square"

Meeting place can not be Changed. It is in the advertising festival in Minsk, "White square" we had the opportunity to meet with our old friends, partners and colleagues.

Festival graced us with an interesting program, original themes and foreign speakers.

We got a lot of positive, useful experience and meetings.

Analysis of advertising case studies, theory and practice, lectures, seminars, and of course, fabulous banquets - all we waited with other Belarusian advertisers.

The most important event in the Belarusian advertising world has not left us in the party. Our studio is actively participate in it, not passing the famous banquet "White Square".

We are pleased to communicate with colleagues and friends and look forward to next year!
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