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Tag: Brand identity

June 6, 2023
Building a Brand platform

Not all companies that sell the same or similar products are equally successful. Some of them are known in all countries of the world, and many others are known only by a small group of people in a certain area. Success,

May 26, 2023

A guideline is a technical document with a detailed description and rules for using elements of a company's corporate identity. It tells how to put into practice the visual attributes of the brand: logo, colors, fonts. Brandbook, Logobook and Guideline:

April 18, 2023
12 tendencies of pack design in 2023

Pack design - what is it? Pack design is the process of creating product package vision and appearance, its purpose is to attract clients and promote sales. It includes the layout, shape, coloring and resources used in the packaging, and

July 21, 2022
Brands in a crisis and thinking long term

An effective business component is a brand. If there is a successful image of the company, a successful promotion strategy, then the brand helps the business go through the crisis without major financial and reputational losses. It happens that the

July 19, 2022
Brand identity development

What is brand identity? It's what your brand is. This includes your positioning, values, and overall company personality. One of the first steps to product promotion is the development of branding graphic design. At this stage, you design the logo,