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Tag: Marketing strategy

May 24, 2023
Email marketing for small businesses: what is the advantage and how to set it up?

Email marketing is often associated with large and medium-sized businesses that have large client bases and serious budgets. In fact, email newsletters are an affordable and effective communication tool for small companies as well. With moderate investment, they bring a

May 3, 2023
Trifold brochures

When it comes to traditional print marketing, people first think of brochures. No matter how popular digital marketing becomes, we can’t deny the importance of printed material. Well-designed booklets and brochures can even turn into collectibles. They are a great

January 15, 2023
Сompetitive analysis

The purpose of competitive analysis is to get a better understanding of the products, sales, and marketing strategies of your major competitors. A competitive market analysis can help companies implement stronger business strategies, defeat competitors, and gain market share. Let’s

communication strategy
September 21, 2022
The importance of communication strategy

A company's communication strategy is the road map used to achieve its commercial goals and turn its product or service into a household name. It is crucial for businesses to have a solid method of internal and external communication. Negative

July 20, 2022
Which strategy suits your brand: TikTok promotion

Short videos where teenagers dance, have fun and record it all on their phones. This platform was taken so lightly a few years ago. Nowadays TikTok has become one of the tools for business promotion. From big to small brands.

May 19, 2022
Marketing in business strategy

Marketing is one of the most important branches of the company's overall strategy, one of the important elements that is aimed to create and bring the goods and services that meet only consumers needs. "Marketing" has many definitions, but they